CEO Program Aims To Help Formerly Incarcerated To Rebuild Their Lives, Find Permanent Employment

The leader of a venture philanthropy fund that provides funding to startup community-centered nonprofits says Georgia has made great progress –but there needs to be a recommitment to making sure people who were formerly incarcerated are given a second chance.

“Resources have to be put against the issue,” said Joli C. Cooper, the executive director of the GreenLight Fund Atlanta. “We have to make sure every single person, every single person coming home from incarceration is lifted up and given equal opportunity, and that’s what CEO does.”

Cooper and Michael Taylor, the Atlanta site director for the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), were guests on Tuesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

They talked with show host Rose Scott about the partnership between the GreenLight Fund and CEO and the goals of the CEO program.

The guests also shared how the program provides ongoing reentry and employment support to people who were formerly incarcerated, preventing recidivism.





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